Post 2014 Afghanistan: Challenges to India's Securitization   [open pdf - 806KB]

"This study comprises an analysis of the present security situation in Afghanistan. As US forces prepare for their drawdown at the end of 2014, the regional security environment could present huge challenges for India's securitization. The author assesses the importance of a stable Afghanistan in the regional security environment and uses Barry Buzan's Regional Security Complex (RSC) Theory as the basis of this analysis. Afghanistan is found to no longer be a weak insulator state, as many political scientists have classified it. Rather, as one of the largest producers of terrorism and narcotics, Afghanistan has the potential to impact the core security concerns of all the RSCs that surround it: the Persian Gulf Region, the CAR Region and the South Asian Region. Next, the author uses Buzan's Security Constellation to analyze Afghanistan's impact on India's securitization at the domestic, regional, inter-regional and global levels. Afghanistan is critical to India's security at all levels, and as a rising regional power, India needs to exercise greater control over its regional security environment. Since 2001 Afghanistan has risen from the ashes, under the US security umbrella and with tireless support from the international community. In the last twelve years, India has made remarkable contributions to the resurrection process of Afghanistan; the bilateral strategic agreement signed between India and Afghanistan in 2011 is an indication of India's long- term commitment to Afghanistan. As US forces move closer to their withdrawal at the end of 2014, India is mulling over its options vis-a-vis Afghanistan to ensure its security. Apprehensive over its western adversary, Pakistan, which relies on terrorism to further its anti-India policy, India is skeptical of increasing its engagement in Afghanistan. The author believes it is in India's long-term interest to engage proactively in Afghanistan. India should engage bilaterally with Afghanistan, regionally with Pakistan and Iran, and globally with the US to continue its Afghan policy. The US foresees greater engagement with India and it is in India's interests to increase its engagement with Afghanistan's neighbors to secure its interests in the region. As India currently stands at the cusp of greatness, it is time to take a leap of faith."

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