How Radicalization to Terrorism Occurs in the United States: What Research Sponsored by the National Institute of Justice Tells US   [open pdf - 466KB]

"At the individual level, the radicalization process often involves embracing a terrorist belief system or narrative that identifies particular others or groups as 'enemies' and justifies engaging in violence against them. Individuals may also begin to identify themselves as terrorists, as well as to engage in activities that highlight their commitments to their new beliefs, identities, and/or others who hold them. [...] n addition to identifying several common facilitators of radicalization to terrorism, the research sponsored by NIJ [National Institute of Justice] provides empirical evidence that individuals' processes of radicalization to terrorism may vary by the extremist ideologies and narratives they embrace, the time periods in which they radicalize, the groups or movements they join (or do not join, in the case of lone actors), and/ or their individual characteristics and experiences. Thus, while community members and practitioners can benefit from the types of evidence-based guidance provided by this research, it will continue to remain important that they take into consideration the specific characteristics and experiences of the individuals about whom they are concerned."

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NCJ 250171
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