Recommendations to the President on Deterring Adversaries and Better Protecting the American People from Cyber Threats   [open pdf - 137KB]

"During the past two decades, almost every aspect of life in the United States has become dependent upon sophisticated networked information systems with global reach and power. Increasingly, malicious cyber actors are learning to exploit these dependencies to steal from Americans, disrupt their lives, and create insecurity domestically and instability internationally. The United States has resolved to take clear and unequivocal actions, partnering with friends and allies when possible, to safeguard cyberspace and the benefits it offers. Recognizing the urgency of this and other cyber policy challenges, Executive Order 13800, Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure, calls for a report 'on the Nation's strategic options for deterring adversaries and better protecting the American people from cyber threats.' This report suggests a new U.S. vision to help guide efforts to deter adversaries and better protect the American people from cyber threats and recommends follow-on work aimed at advancing these efforts; the following unclassified overview touches on these efforts in brief, which have been ongoing."

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