Aviation Security: TSA Uses Data to Monitor Airport Operations and Respond to Increases in Passenger Wait Times and Throughput, Statement of William Russell, Acting Director, Homeland Security and Justice, Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Transportation and Protective Security, Committee on Homeland Security, House of Representatives   [open pdf - 179KB]

From the Document: "TSA allocates TSOs [Transportation Security Officers] to airports using its Resource Allocation Plan, which is intended to provide each airport with the optimum number of TSOs needed to screen passengers for threats to aviation security, such as prohibited and other potentially dangerous items. To implement passenger screening and pursue efficient operations, in addition to relying on TSOs, TSA works with officials from airlines and airports, as well as officials from associations that represent airlines and airports. At airports, FSDs [Federal Security Directors] and their designees work with individual airport operators and airlines to, among other things, adjust TSA resources (i.e., TSOs and screening assets such as metal detectors) in response to increases in passenger throughput at each checkpoint, and monitor passenger wait times at checkpoints. [...] At each airport, TSA is to collect throughput data on the number of passengers screened under both expedited and standard screening and monitor passenger wait times at screening checkpoints. TSA airport officials are to submit passenger throughput and wait time data on a daily basis to OSO's [Office of Security Operations] Performance Management Division at TSA headquarters, which compiles the data through the Performance Measurement Information System, TSA's web-based data collection system. TSA required FSDs and their designees to collect actual wait times from 2002 through 2007 and beginning again in July 2014. From 2008 through June 2014, TSA required that FSDs collect data on wait time ranges, such as between 20 to 29 minutes or greater than 30 minutes."

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