South Carolina National Guard Secure Area Duty Officer Program: A Reserve Component Active Shooter Contingency Case Study   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the thesis abstract; "On July 16, 2015, five military reservists were murdered during an active shooter attack on two reserve component military facilities. This act of domestic terrorism was only the latest in a series targeting U.S. military facilities in recent years. Since the Fort Hood Massacre in 2009, at least 37 military personnel have been killed and 55 wounded while at their place of duty in the United States. In response to this threat the South Carolina National Guard, in collaboration with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, established an active shooter contingency program called the Secure Area Duty Officer Program, or SADOP. The focus of this single case study thesis is to determine whether SADOP is an effective method to mitigate risk posed by the dynamic active shooter threat. The assertion that this innovative approach achieves its purpose is supported by the deliberate development methodology and interviews with key decision makers instrumental in the crisis-action response concept planning and program implementation. The findings of this study indicate that SADOP resourcefully employs a force protection framework tailored to the success of the reserve component as opposed to obliging its organizations to utilize legacy force-protection regulations designed by and for the active component of the military."

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