White Paper on Enterprise Terrain Data Standards for Joint Training   [open pdf - 437KB]

"The development of digital, computer-based training simulations/simulators has evolved over the last four decades, in which early approaches were often constrained by severe hardware, software and data source limitations. Simulation engineers were required to make compromises between a simulation or simulators' targeted fidelity and its level of generality, scalability, abstraction, and correlation with other systems. Community-wide standardization could not be achieved because technologically viable solutions only offered partial solutions to training needs. Consequently, Joint and Service simulation training capabilities adopted or developed differing standards, often in isolation, tailored to their specific training needs. This has resulted in recurring costly, manpower intensive integration efforts to link these disparate simulations together in training federations to meet joint training requirements. Digital technologies have made tremendous strides in the past decade and are closing the gap between what is required for training and what technology can now deliver. With the Department's direction to move modeling and simulation (M&S) capabilities to the DoD Information Technology (IT) Enterprise Framework, the time is right to leverage these strides and transition the Joint training enterprise toward a smaller set of common standards and better investment of our scarce resources towards common solutions. This paper investigates one aspect of this larger problem set - the cooperative establishment of a joint training standard or specification for the encoding, storage, access, and modification of a representation of the natural and man-made terrain for virtual and constructive simulation applications."

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