Millennials in the Fire Service: The Effectiveness of Fire Service Recruiting, Testing, and Retention   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the thesis abstract: "Modern-day fire service methods' ability to effectively attract and retain millennials is in question. Stale marketing and static testing processes may be contributing to smaller hiring pools and the inability to reach recruits with the skillsets needed to replace experienced firefighters lost through attrition. Millennials are looking for employment in organizations that complement four-year college degrees and offer immediate inclusion and growth. These traits may be misaligned with the fire service business model. Through a customized survey, this thesis gathered data needed to explore the challenges plaguing fire service attraction and retention. The research concluded: 1) the fire service is not attracting the number and quality of applicants that it once did, 2) the generational traits of millennials do not fully align with the business model of the modern fire service, and 3) parents direct their children toward the college education many of them did not have themselves. These issues are preventing the fire service from replenishing the profession with the quality and quantity of talent needed to ensure continuity of response at the local level"

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