Born of the Troubles: Lessons in Trust and Legitimacy from the Police Service of Northern Ireland   [open pdf - 964KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Trust and the establishment of legitimacy are essential to building strong relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Distrust of the police can lead to a lack of community involvement and, in some cases, a perception of the police as an occupying force. American policing has faced recent challenges regarding trust, legitimacy, and accountability resulting in calls for police reform. This thesis answers the question of whether the police reforms outlined in the Report of the Independent Commission on Policing for Northern Ireland, or the Patten Report―for the purposes of establishing trust and legitimacy and implemented in Northern Ireland―are applicable as a possible model for American policing. This thesis provides a qualitative analysis of the Patten Report and its reforms as well as the Police Service of Northern Ireland's implementation of recommendations. An appreciative inquiry approach was used to examine application to American policing and comparison to The Final Report of the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing. The conclusion is that the Patten Report provides a model for policy makers in the United States. Application of lessons learned from Northern Ireland and the Patten Report will enhance American policing's ability to build trust, legitimacy, and strengthen this nation's homeland security."

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