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"'The International Journal of Emergency Services' (IJES) provides a platform for the development of scholarship in the management of all emergency services both universal services such as Fire and Rescue, Police, and Ambulance services as well as more specialised services such as the Coastguard, Air-Sea or Mountain Rescue. IJES is interested in the functioning of the emergency services, in the planning, prevention and recovery stages of emergencies and disasters, and in responses and reactions to emergencies. As of 2014 the journal is indexed in Scopus. In view of the nature of emergency services, 'IJES' encourages contributions from the social sciences particularly psychology, economists, sociologists, youth studies, criminologists, public health and political scientists; as well as from scholars interested in the management of these services. The editors adopt a very broad view of what constitutes 'management' and welcome articles dealing with the theory and practise of strategic and operational management of emergency services and the related professional and policy aspects. Articles drawing comparisons between two or more jurisdictions and those offering theoretical cross-jurisdictional perspectives will be particularly welcome."

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