Coast Guard Journal of Safety & Security at Sea: Proceedings of the Marine Safety & Security Council [Volume 74, Number 2]   [open pdf - 7MB]

This is the May-December 2017 edition of 'Proceedings' published by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). This issue contains the following articles and more: "Exxon Valdez and OPA 90 [Oil Pollution Act of 1990]: How congressional reaction to a major oil spill changed the U.S. Coast Guard" by Dennis L. Bryant; "SS Marine Electric: Impetus for the Coast Guard's premiere rescue swimmer program" by Sarah Rousseau; "Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping: Why, what, and how?" by E.J. Terminella; "Security Since 9/11: Creating the Maritime Transportation Security Act and the ISPS [International Ship and Port Facility Security] Code" by Bill Gasperetti; "The Maiden Voyage of the Medical Certificate for Merchant Mariner Credentials" by Laura Torres-Reyes; "Addressing the Challenges of Cyber Security: Sector New York works to build beneficial relationships" by Michael Day and Chad Ray; "Improving Deep Water Ocean Drilling Safety and Operations: Response to Deepwater Horizon" by James Rocco, Brian Bubar, and George Grills; "Regulating New Materials: Fire protection implications and concerns" by Charles Taylor and Louis Nash; "Advancements in Search and Rescue: Technological evolution in a digital SAR [Search and rescue] regime" by Laura Fitzpatrick; "Testing our Defenses Against Aquatic Nuisance Species: Developing a means to rigorously assess treatment technologies for ships" by Lisa A. Drake, and Regina Bergner; "Integrated Shipboard Electric Power Systems: How the lithium-ion battery changed propulsion" by Katharine A. Woods and Steven A. Lewis; "Liquid Hydrogen: A pathway to zero-emissions, renewable vessel power" by Timothy E. Meyers; "Cyber Risk Management in the Maritime Transportation System" by Kevin Kuhn; "Critical Observations for Maritime Operations: Waves and surface currents" by Julie Thomas, Lisa Hazard, Mark Otero, Eric Terrill, Todd Fake, Jack Harlan and Robert E. Jensen; "Look Mom--No Hands!: Dynamic positioning and its effect on the mariner" by Paul J. Folino; "Why We Should Care: The insurance market and changing maritime industry risks" by Michael Kingston; "Parasailing: Elevating safety standards" by James T. Fogle; "Subchapter M--Towing Vessel Regulations: A new approach to ensuring compliance" by William A. Nabach; "A Future With Autonomous Ships" by Andreas Nordseth; "Influences on the Robotic Hull Cleaning Market" by Brendan O'Connor, Evan Fitzgerald King, Carolyn Lowe, and Andrew Curran; "Marine Inspections 2050: A day in the life of a future USCG marine inspector" by Tracy Phillips, Frank Strom, and Ryan Mowbray; "Leadership in Routine Emergencies and Crises: The Deepwater Horizon incident" by Arnold M. Howitt, Herman B. Leonard, and David W. Giles; "Maintaining Response Readiness Today and Tomorrow: Ensuring Coast Guard Reserve and industry leaders are prepared" by Jonathan Bernhardt; "Safety Afloat: It's all about culture" by Chris Fertig; "Strategic Thinking: A culture clash in the Coast Guard" by Meridena Kauffman; "Leadership Lessons Learned: Early leadership experience sets stage for success" by Mike Lee; "Effective Incident Response Leadership: Today's challenges and complexities" by Ron Cantin, Kevin Sligh, and Kirsten Trego; "The Art of Persuasion: A 'must-have' characteristic for success at the IMO [International Maritime Organization]" by Tiffany Duffy; "Integrating Science and Technology into Crisis Leadership" by Scott Lundgren; and "Pollution Response Planning: Re-evaluating contingency plans to mitigate potential obstacles" by Loraleigh Hild.

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