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"Studies in Conflict and Terrorism aims to cast new light on the origins and implications of conflict in the 21st Century and to illuminate new approaches and solutions to countering the growth and escalation of contemporary sub-state violence. The journal is specifically oriented to both practitioner and scholarly audiences and is thus meant to bridge the divide between theory and practice. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism thus seeks to publish theoretical and empirical studies that contribute to a better understanding of the causes of terrorism and insurgency as well as the measures required to achieve their resolution. The journal addresses security challenges fuelled by religious and nationalist strife, moribund peace processes, disputes over natural resources, and transnational organized crime. In a world of diverse and changing threats, enigmatic adversaries, and continued uncertainty, the editor's goal is to provide fresh insight, thoughtful analysis, and authoritative prescriptions to the most pressing concerns that affecting global security in the 21st century."

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