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"The Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism (JPICT) is an international peer reviewed scholarly journal that acts as a forum for those around the world undertaking high quality research and practice in the areas of: Policing studies, Intelligence studies, Terrorism and counter terrorism studies; Cyber-policing, intelligence and terrorism. The Journal offers national, regional and international perspectives on current areas of scholarly and applied debate within these fields, while addressing the practical and theoretical issues and considerations that surround them. It aims to balance the discussion of practical realities with debates and research on relevant and significant theoretical issues. The Journal has the following major aims: To publish cutting-edge and contemporary research articles, reports and reviews on relevant topics; To publish articles that explore the interface between the areas of policing, intelligence and terrorism studies; To act as an international forum for exchange and discussion; To illustrate the nexus between theory and its practical applications and vice versa."

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