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"The Journal of Strategic Intelligence is an occasional journal of the College of Strategic Intelligence, National Intelligence University [NIU]. Our purpose is to publish scholarly research by U.S. intelligence analysts and security professionals that constitutes or contributes to strategic intelligence--that is, a comprehensive understanding of current or emerging regional and transnational issues broadly that will significantly impact national security or interests. We seek insightful analysis that more rigorously captures the empirical complexity of these security-related issues, in their diverse causes, shaping factors, as well as the opportunities to contain them or shape them in our national interest. Some of the articles within this journal by NIU faculty members will highlight graduate student thesis research and the role this research plays in advancing the understanding of critical strategic intelligence issues. The Journal of Strategic Intelligence seeks to fill a gap in the various related official and academic journals on strategic intelligence. This focus on strategic intelligence notwithstanding, we have made room in each issue for research related to intelligence improvement--in processes, organization, leadership, security-related education, and understanding of historical regional and transnational issues, to the extent they illuminate those of the present."

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