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"The United States Government's ability to effectively analyze, evaluate, integrate, correlate, and share classified national security information and other information concerning threat actors and their networks, and then use that information to support a broad array of national security missions and activities, is an essential component of our national security strategy. [...] Therefore, to protect against actors who threaten our Nation, it is the policy of the United States to: (a) lawfully identify, integrate, and make available thorough, accurate, and timely national security threat actor information; (b) effectively manage that information within appropriate policy frameworks and technical architectures, including data repositories, integrated systems, and cloud architectures; (c) where appropriate and consistent with applicable law, deliberately use that information to support national security activities; and (d) where appropriate and consistent with applicable law, share relevant and releasable information, products, and outputs with foreign governments, international organizations, and State, local, territorial, tribal, and private-sector partners where required to support activities that benefit national security. National security threat actor information comprises identity attributes and associated information about individuals, organizations, groups, or networks assessed to be a threat to the safety, security, or national interests of the United States that fall into one or more of the categories listed in the annex to this memorandum."

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