Defense Spending Under an Interim Continuing Resolution: In Brief [December 26, 2017]   [open pdf - 682KB]

"This report provides a basic overview of interim continuing resolutions (CRs) and highlights some specific issues pertaining to operations of the Department of Defense (DOD) under a CR. As with regular appropriations bills, Congress can draft a CR to provide funding in many different ways. [...] The lack of a full-year appropriation and the uncertainty associated with the temporary nature of a CR can create management challenges for federal agencies. DOD faces unique challenges operating under a CR while providing the military forces needed to deter war and defend the country. [...] DOD has started the fiscal year under a CR for 13 of the past 17 years (FY2002-FY2018) and every year since FY2010. The amount of time DOD has operated under CR authorities during the fiscal year has increased in the past 9 years and equates to a total of more than 36 months since 2010."

Report Number:CRS Report for Congress, R44636
Author:Williams, Lynn M.
Roscoe, Jennifer M.
Publisher:Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service
Copyright:Public Domain
Retrieved From:Federation of American Scientists: http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/index.html
Media Type:application/pdf
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