National Strategy for the Marine Transportation System: 'Channeling the Maritime Advantage' (2017-2022)   [open pdf - 1MB]

"The 2017 National Strategy on the MTS [Marine Transportation System]: Channeling the Maritime Advantage (2017 Strategy) was developed [...] through interagency engagement and multiple reviews. Members reviewed the five categories from the 2008 Strategy and established or reaffirmed priority areas for the 2017 Strategy: [1] Optimize System Performance: Measuring the reliability of physical and operational elements of the MTS to inform and support strategies for targeted improvements as trade and supply chain competitiveness increases. [2] Enhance Maritime Safety: Promoting an MTS free from collisions, allisions, groundings and injury, death and damage to property and environment as congestion and maximum vessel size within the MTS increases. [3] Support Maritime Security: Evaluating the infrastructure and operations of the MTS, taking into account possible threats and vulnerabilities while continually assessing existing protective measures, procedures and operations, supported by efforts to understand and incorporate maritime domain awareness into shipping activities. [4] Advance Energy Innovation and Development: Identifying opportunities to utilize all sources of domestic energy and implement new technologies to ensure energy independence and more efficient fuel use. [5] Facilitate Infrastructure Investment: Using all available resources efficiently and effectively for the improvement of the MTS. [...] This Strategy will be implemented across Federal agencies and within the CMTS [U.S. Committee on Marine Transportation Systems] partnership, as appropriate."

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