Will the Current CONUS Transportation System Provide Adequate Highway Movement Control During Mobilization?   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The ability to mobilize military units will become more critical to our nations ability to project military forces in support of national security policies as the country starts to reduce the size of the active army and the reserve components. The ability of government organizations and agencies responsible for controlling units and their material as they move from home stations to mobilization station will be severely tested if the need to mobilize ever arises. This study analyzes the current system (or system of systems), and reviews the roles and responsibilities of organizations with movement control functions. The current readiness of these organizations to perform their missions is evaluated. The automation of systems which support movement control during mobilization is an important part of this assessment. Progress has been made in various organizations towards automating complex, repetitive, time consuming, and controllable tasks. This study evaluates these systems and determines their compatibility with each other. This plans for future automation are considered regarding systems compatibility and timeliness. Finally, conclusions are drawn, problems areas highlighted and potential solutions or approaches are offered to meet the extremely critical need for an adequate highway movement control system for mobilization."

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