Preparing for the 'Big One': Saving Lives Through Earthquake Mitigation in Los Angeles, California   [open pdf - 4MB]

"Although the deaths and injuries caused by the January 1994 Northridge earthquake were terrible, it is sobering to realize that much greater losses were averted only by an accident of timing--the quake hit in the pre-dawn hours of a holiday, when most people were in their beds. If it had struck in the middle of a weekday, thousands of children would have been injured or killed at school by falling debris, furniture, and light fixtures. Untold numbers of commuters would have fallen victim to collapsing roads and bridges. Critical health facilities could have been completely overwhelmed by the need for emergency and hospital care. Recognizing that the timing of the next major seismic event may not be so fortunate, Preparing for the ''Big One': Saving Lives through Earthquake Mitigation in Los Angeles, California', focuses attention on the earthquake mitigation needs of the Los Angeles area, discussing steps that can be taken to minimize injury and loss of life in future earthquakes. Most current mitigation efforts are actually a form of post-disaster response and recovery. This report looks at what can be done before the next emergency occurs."

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