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"This self study course is comprised of three lecture modules developed by Kip Hawley, former Administrator for the Transportation Security Administration, focused on presenting risk-based solutions for airport and freight rail security and related readings of interest on the topics covered here. The first module within this course presents the concept of how to create smarter security policies and procedures. Module two presents lessons learned from the famous Christmas Day (2009) Underwear Bomber case - and shows how application of 'Inside-Out' risk management can and should be applied to more effectively protect our airlines. The third module in this series moves away from aviation to present the challenges TSA faces in effectively protecting the freight rail network, an equally vital part of our national economy. Concepts presented in this unique self study course force students to look critically at current policies and procedures and evaluate them from a risk-management approach - an approach that may not be politically palatable - but one that makes sense given the complex environment surrounding the transportation sector."

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