TrumpCare and the Opioid Epidemic   [open pdf - 600KB]

"President Trump and Congressional Republicans claim they are committed to fighting the opioid epidemic ravaging the country. On the campaign trail, President Trump spoke regularly about addressing the crisis. In New Hampshire, he stated, '[W]e will help all of those people so seriously addicted get the assistance they need to unchain themselves. ... We have to solve this crisis.' [...] Yet, Republicans are rushing to pass a TrumpCare bill that would have disastrous consequences for individuals seeking treatment for substance use disorders (SUDs), including opioid use disorders (OUDs). TrumpCare would remove critical protections and slash expanded Medicaid coverage provided under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that dramatically increased access to health care services for those with mental health conditions and SUDs. The bill contains a grossly insufficient $2 billion opioid fund, which experts predict would cover under 2% of the cost of lost coverage under TrumpCare over ten years. A $45 billion fund has been raised in negotiations; it would cover only 25% of projected costs and still leave millions without coverage. Experts have widely summarized the proposal as woefully inadequate and another 'illogical' move by Republicans. The residents of states that have fared the worst in the opioid epidemic - including West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania - would likely suffer the most under the TrumpCare bill, which would cut off access to critical services."

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