Information Technology: OMB Needs to Report on and Improve Its Oversight of the Highest Priority Programs, Report to Congressional Committees   [open pdf - 298KB]

"The federal government plans to spend almost $96 billion on IT [information technology] investments in fiscal year 2018; however, as the GAO [U.S. Government Accountability Office] has previously found, too often these investments have cost overruns and schedule delays. To enhance oversight of IT programs, for 2015, Congress directed the OMB [Office of Management and Budget] to identify the 10 highest priority IT programs that are under development across federal agencies and report on their status each quarter. Further, for 2016, Congress directed USDS [U.S. Digital Service] to provide a quarterly report of current USDS projects, including the top 10 high priority programs. GAO was asked to review OMB's oversight of high priority programs. This review evaluated (1) OMB's process for identifying, overseeing, and reporting on the high priority IT investment programs and (2) USDS's process for identifying and prioritizing its projects, including its consideration of the high priority programs, and its reporting on the projects. GAO analyzed OMB memorandums and reports to Congress and interviewed OMB staff, including from USDS. In addition, GAO compared USDS's processes with IT management best practices."

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