Design Details for Accessible Disaster Relief Housing   [open pdf - 6MB]

From the preface: "The creation of emergency transportable, temporary housing that includes accessible features requires a specific set of tools that address unique design and construction challenges. [...] This is not a regulatory document, but is intended to illustrate possible solutions, provide guidance to designers wishing to create accessible disaster relief housing, and aid the manufacturing industry. The focus of this publication is on the interior of these dwellings and is not site-specific, and so it does not include essential accessibility aspects of locating and installing the structures on site. Dwelling design is a creative process, and this document provides some approaches that can be used as a 'point of departure' for designers to create safe, accessible housing units. Descriptions and graphic illustrations of accessible elements are provided in these pages, but it is not the intent of this guide to limit development of other accessible solutions, or to imply that this is a complete directory of all possible arrangements. It is also not the intent of this publication to replace, or be used in place of, existing standards and codes for manufactured and transportable dwelling units, and those involved in the creation of this housing must still diligently verify compliance once constructed. It is the goal of this publication that many may find this information useful in creating well-functioning housing for those who have had their lives disrupted by a disaster."

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