Preparing for the Next Mass Migration: Lessons from the Past and Recommendations for the Future   [open pdf - 30KB]

"In 1995 over 60,000 migrants from both Haiti and Cuba attempted to reach the United States through maritime means, primarily vastly overcrowded sailboats and rafts. While it is unclear how many died in the attempt to reach the United States, the vast number were rescued via a huge inter-agency effort led by the Coast Guard and Navy. In 2006, it was feared that a migration on this scale was imminent due to failing health of President Castro. But much had changed since the 1990s; the strategic migration plan--Operation Vigilant Sentry--did not reflect the formation of DHS or the massive organizational and interagency shift that had occurred since 9/11. After an extensive inter-agency planning effort, the strategy was updated to reflect the new operational reality; fortunately, the threat of a new mass migration subsided. Ten years later, the problem of maritime migration not only remains likely in our hemisphere due to political and economic unrest in South and Central America, but is also becoming a global phenomenon."

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