Mass Migration and the Media: Convergence and Divergence of Global Media Narratives Towards a Working Model   [open pdf - 32KB]

"The size and scope of the Syrian refugee crisis has made it a salient humanitarian crisis for the international community that has given rise to fears among European and U.S. populations and leaders, altered the demographic landscape of the Middle East and Europe, and exposed a generation of youth to lives as exiles. Our quantitative, inductive content analysis analyzed news media coverage of refugees from Arabic, Russian, and American media news sources in an attempt to understand how the crisis has been packaged and presented to citizens across the globe in order to give insight to the motives and potential actions to be taken by the global community concerning the crisis. The study was conducted using the M3S media monitoring system at Texas A&M University. The M3S technology allows researchers to evaluate foreign language news broadcast and media websites in the original context with validated English language translations. The authors evaluated Al Jazeera (Arabic), Rossiya 24 (Russian), and The New York Times (U.S) as sources for analysis. The research was conducted within the timeframe of August 5 to 21, 2016, as that time spanned the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil, in which the creation of the Olympic Refugee team caused a spike in media discussion of the refugee crisis. A total of 193 articles were coded across the three news sources using the keyword 'Refugee.' Researchers developed a coding scheme of ten categories designed to give insight into presentation of refugees in media. The coded data was then evaluated for statistical significance between the news sources."

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