Advancing the Homeland Security Information Sharing Environment: A Review of the National Network of Fusion Centers   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the introduction: "At the beginning of the 115th Congress, Chairman Michael McCaul directed the Majority staff to conduct a review of federal coordination with, and support to, the National Network of Fusion Centers. Building upon prior work completed by the Committee [...] Committee staff conducted a review of the progress made across all levels of government to enhance the flow of counterterrorism information to and from fusion centers. The Committee visited ten fusion centers, and had additional meetings with five others, to hear directly from analysts and operators. [...] Though a comprehensive review of the Committee's analysis and findings is detailed below, Committee staff have noted that since the release of the Committee's 2013 report, significant progress has been made in the overall maturity of the National Network of Fusion Centers. Many fusion centers have expanded capabilities to address all crimes and threats, recognizing that early indicators of terrorism often include criminal activity. The Committee witnessed greater intra-network collaboration, including the exchange of best practices, collaboration on strategic products, and provision of support to other centers during major incidents. Additionally, fusion centers are embracing a multidisciplinary approach to outreach programs to better integrate fire, emergency medical services, and the private sector. [...] The Committee also noted several areas that warrant further attention and enhancement. [...] The Committee also identified several new challenges that, if not addressed, could impact the ability of fusion centers to assess threats and share information."

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