Ignoring a Revolution in Military Affairs: The Need to Create a Separate Branch of the Armed Forces for Cyber Warfare   [open pdf - 517KB]

"This study, using historical data and precedence, presents information that indicates the U.S. Government is ineffective at defending its own cyber-network. Information provided in this study continues to argue that, similar to the creation of the Air Force from the existing Army Air Corps in the National Security Act of 1947, should create a new branch of the armed forces for cyber warfare. Throughout this study there are multiple examples of major breaches of secured network by nations as well as third party actors. The root of the government's inability to defend against such attacks comes from the inability to recruit and retain the most skilled hackers in the U.S. population. Discussed in this research is the reasoning behind the U.S.'s inability to attract the most skilled cyber professionals due to the current rigid military standards seen on existing branches of the armed forces, as well as an inability to compete monetarily against the private sector. This paper argues that with the creation of a new Cyber Force, the aforementioned issues will dissolve."

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