Crime Gun Risk Factors: Buyer, Seller, Firearm, and Transaction Characteristics Associated with Gun Trafficking and Criminal Gun Use   [open pdf - 525KB]

"Controlling gun crime continues to be a difficult challenge for policymakers and practitioners in the United States_ With an estimated 258 million guns in private hands and millions more produced each year, there are many sources and means through which offenders can obtain firearms despite legal restrictions on gun purchasing and ownership by convicted felons, juveniles, and other high-risk groups. In order to better understand the workings of illicit gun markets-and particularly the rapid diversion of guns from the retail market into criminal channels-this study utilizes a decade's worth of data on handgun sales in the state of Maryland and subsequent recoveries of those guns by police in order to identify the characteristics of firearms, sellers, buyers, and sales transactions that predict whether a gun is used in crime subsequent to purchase. The study provides some of the most sophisticated evidence to date on crime use risks associated with highrisk buyers, problem gun dealers, preferred crime guns, purchases involving multiple guns, and other suspected trafficking indicators."

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