Network Centric Warfare: Department of Defense Report to Congress   [open pdf - 5KB]

"Network Centric Warfare (NCW) is no less than the embodiment of an Information Age transformation of the DoD. It involves a new way of thinking about how we accomplish our missions, how we organize and interrelate, and how we acquire and field the systems that support us. NCW moves the Department to the next level of Jointness as envisioned in 'Joint Vision 2020'. This monumental task will span a quarter century or more. It will involve ways of operating that have yet to be conceived, and will employ technologies yet to be invented. NCW has the potential to increase warfighting capabilities by orders of magnitude. This view of the future is supported by accumulating evidence from a wide variety of experiments, exercises, simulations, and analyses detailed in the report, prepared for the Congress in response to the provisions of Section 934 of Public Law 106-398."

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