CBO Estimate for H.R. 2266, with an Amendment--The Additional Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Relief Requirements Act, 2017   [open pdf - 31KB]

"H.R. 2266, with an amendment, contains two divisions: Division A contains the Additional Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Relief Requirements Act of 2017. Titles I and II of Division A would provide supplemental discretionary appropriations for fiscal year 2018 to various accounts within the Departments of Agriculture, Homeland Security, and the Interior. Title III of division A contains provisions that would change two mandatory programs: section 308 would cancel $16 billion of the debt held by the Treasury under notes or obligations issued by the National Flood Insurance Program; and section 309 would provide $1.27 billion from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program's contingency reserve to provide disaster nutrition assistance in response to Presidentially declared disasters and emergencies in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. All of the funds provided in Division A are designated as emergency requirements pursuant to section 251(b)(2)(A)(i) of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985; the discretionary spending limits for fiscal year 2018 would be adjusted to accommodate those amounts. Division B contains the Bankruptcy Judgeship Act of 2017, which would authorize 4 new temporary judgeships and extend 14 existing temporary judgeships. The act would also adjust the formula used to set certain quarterly fees paid by businesses involved in ongoing Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases and would change the budgetary treatment of a portion of those fees. In addition, section 1005 of the act would make changes to governmental claims on farm assets in Chapter 12 bankruptcy cases. In total, and in addition to the budgetary effects shown in this report, CBO [Congressional Budget Office] and JCT [Joint Committee on Taxation] estimate that Division B would increase revenues by $3 million in fiscal year 2018 and by $16 million over the 2018-2022 and 2018-2027 periods."

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