Marketing Strategy for Wildland Fuel Reduction in Palm Coast, Florida   [open pdf - 155KB]

"Palm Coast, Florida, is a 42,000-acre planned residential community on the east coast of Florida characterized by large areas of intermix wildland/urban interface. A need for wildland fuel hazard mitigation has been identified; however a marketing strategy does not exist for implementation of wildland fuel reduction measures. The purpose of this research was to develop a marketing strategy that identifies acceptable fuel reduction methods and funding options for mitigating the wildfire hazard. Action research methods were used to answer the following questions: 1. Are Palm Coast residents aware of the wildfire hazard in their development? 2. What fuel reduction methods are available for use in Palm Coast? 3. What fuel reduction measures are acceptable to homeowners and lot owners in Palm Coast? 4. Are homeowners and lot owners willing to pay for acceptable fuel reduction measures? 5. If they are willing to pay for fuel reduction measures, what methods for funding a fuel reduction program are preferred? Surveys of lot owners and homeowners in selected portions of Palm Coast were performed to solicit their responses to questions designed to answer research questions one, three, four, and five. Research question two was answered by a review of the literature."

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