Determining Core Emergency Scene Operational Standards for Eastside Fire & Rescue   [open pdf - 533KB]

"Eastside Fire and Rescue (EF&R) has not established standards for core emergency scene operations. This lack of standards causes inconsistencies and conflicting expectations in service delivery. The purpose of this Applied Research Project (ARP) is to provide recommendations that could assist in establishing standards for core emergency scene operations. Procedures included a literature review, a survey which was distributed to King County Washington, Zone One Fire Chiefs, field testing and collection and analysis of data. The survey was conducted to analyze and address this problem. The Descriptive Method of research was utilized in this project. Essential research questions are: (1) Which core emergency scene operational standards should be considered at EF&R? (2) What core emergency scene operational standards exist in the industry which may be a model for EF&R to consider? (3) What core emergency scene operational standards have been adopted locally by other fire departments? (4) What are the current times required to perform certain core emergency scene operations? (5) What time standard should EF&R adopt for core emergency scene operations? Research and survey results produced models and recommendations for EF&R to consider. Standards for 10 core emergency scene operations were developed with each given an expected time for completion. Those 10 operations are 5" manifold reverse, set up Ladder 73 for roof ventilation, set up Ladder 73 for elevated master stream, 1 3/4" pre-connect attack, 2 1/2" pre-connect attack, set up ground ladder to second floor, 2 1/2" supply wyed to 1 3/4" attack line, set up the 50' boom for elevated master stream, and set up rescue tool for extrication operation. Ten additional recommendations were provided to guide development, implementation, and evaluation of core emergency scene operational standards."

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