Analysis of Response Times for the Colerain Township Department of Fire & EMS   [open pdf - 7MB]

"The problem for the Colerain Township Department of Fire and EMS [Emergency Medical Services] (Colerain Fire & EMS) was no quantifiable comparison for response time data, as compared to other standards or benchmarks, had been undertaken. The purpose of the Applied Research Project (ARP), using descriptive research, was to conduct a comparison against other standards or benchmarks in order to measure the potential impact of staffing reductions or station closures. The research focused on five questions: (a) what nationally recognized or locally adopted definitions exist for response time? (b) what nationally recognized standards or locally adopted performance measures exist for response time? (c) what current trends exist for Colerain Fire & EMS response times? (d) what factors signilicantly influence response times for Colerain Fire & EMS?, and (c) what impact may be realized for response times if staffing reductions or station closures became a reality? Principle procedures used included a review of the literature, analysis of data, a focus group, structured interviews, and three survey instruments. Results found Colerain Fire & EMS was under tremendous operational pressure and a reduction in resources would further erode the ability to provide emergency services according to long-standing, operationally tested benchmarks. Recommendations included redefining response time and adopting attainable benchmarks. placing mobile data computers (MDC's) in the transport units, using status buttons on the MDC's, ensuring accuracy of reporting, evaluating response time distribution for scheduling training activities, incorporating of Geographical Information System (GLS) capabilities, enhancing the current deployment and staffing model, and completing the accreditation process."

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