Upgrading to Advanced Life Support: Fact or Fiction   [open pdf - 9MB]

"The Burlington Fire Department has provided a basic life support (BLS) service to our community for the past 40 years. The problem is that the Burlington Fire Department has yet to determine the feasibility of upgrading to an advanced life support (ALS) service. The purpose of this research project is to determine if it would be feasible for the Burlington Fire Department to upgrade its current BLS service to an ALS service. The descriptive research method was used for this project because the data collected will reflect current information related to the subject matter. The following questions were researched in order to determining the feasibility of upgrading from a BLS service to an ALS service: (a) what is the primary reasons for fire departments to upgrade their BLS service to an ALS service; (b) what operational models are currently used by fire departments in order to provide an ALS service to their community; (c) what are the costs associated with implementing a fire department ALS service; (d) what roadblocks do fire departments commonly encounter when attempting to upgrade from a B LS service to an ALS service; (e) what approaches have been used by fire departments in order to gain the support of elected officials and the community during the implementation of an ALS program. In order to obtain results for the above research questions, personal interviews were conducted, a survey was sent to Massachusetts fire departments that provide an ALS service, and a survey was sent to members of the Burlington Fire Department."

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