Is Benefit Cost Analysis a Plausible Tool for the Fayetteville Fire Department?   [open pdf - 476KB]

"The problem was the Fayetteville Fire Department (FFD) did not utilize a benefit cost analysis when it appraised the services provided by the department. The purpose of this research was to determine why the FFD did not utilize benefit cost analysis (BCA) when it appraised the services provided by the department. The action research method was utilized to complete this research. The research questions were as follows: a) Why did the FFD not utilize a benefit cost analysis for the services provided? b) Were there any benefit cost analysis models that could be applied to the fire service? c) Was benefit cost analysis even plausible for the Fayetteville Fire Department? The procedures utilized to complete this project were two surveys, one external and one internal, and a literature review. The surveys were intended to determine the knowledge within the FFD and the fire service, and to determine the attitude of the leaders of the FFD towards BCA. The literature review was utilized to search for any available BCA tool and any challenges that might prohibit its use within the FFD. The results showed there was wide spread use of BCA among federal agencies. The literature provided very little research on the subject within the fire service. It also failed to yield a BCA tool that could be used by the FFD. The survey on the other hand showed that fire departments do utilize BCA in at least some capacity. The survey showed good results on the attitude towards BCA with the leaders of the FFD. The recommendation made was to start the utilizing BCA on small decisions and to partner with the University of Arkansas for the creation of a more comprehensive BCA tool."

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