Cancer Rates in Children of Kitsap County Firefighters   [open pdf - 352KB]

"The problem was in Kitsap County children of local firefighters have been diagnosed with cancer. The purpose of this research is to determine if cancer rates are higher for children of career firefighters in Kitsap County. This applied research project (ARP) utilized a combination of quantitative and descriptive methodology to answer the following four research questions: (a) What is the probability for children to be diagnosed with cancer? (b) What is the probability for children of career firefighters in Kitsap County to be diagnosed with cancer? (c) What are the potential causes of increased risk of cancer for children of firefighters? (d) What recommendations should be implemented to address the problem? A literature review was used to establish a foundation for the subject matter. The quantitative methodology was used to answer the first two research questions. The descriptive methodology included an organizational case example conducted with a firefighter's family whose child was diagnosed with cancer, as well as personal interviews with chief officers from each of the six departments in Kitsap County. Through this research it was determined that there is a 0.0179% chance a child will be diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. whereas a child of a Kitsap County (KC) career firefighter has a 0.49% chance of getting cancer. This probability is 27.4 times higher than that of the general population of children. The potential solution to decrease the risk for children of Kitsap County firefighters includes implementing a countywide wellness task force and training programs, as well as policies and systems to help mitigate exposures."

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