Delaware River Deepening Project: Comprehensive Reanalysis Corrected Errors, but Several Issues Still Need to Be Addressed, Report to the Chairman, Subcommittee on Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Infrastructure, Safety, and Security, Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, U.S. Senate   [open pdf - 1MB]

"The Delaware River deepening project calls for dredging the river's main navigation ship channel to 45 feet, from a depth of 40 feet, beginning at the mouth of the Delaware Bay through Philadelphia Harbor, and to the Beckett Street Terminal in Camden, New Jersey--a distance of 102.5 miles. The Corps plans to use nine existing federal disposal sites in Delaware (one), New Jersey (seven), and Pennsylvania (one) to dispose of the material dredged from the bottom of the river. The new dredged material is to be layered on top of the material already deposited at these sites during annual maintenance dredging in the channel to maintain its 40-foot depth. Additionally, a portion of the material to be dredged is sand from Delaware Bay, which would be used by the Corps to restore wetlands at Kelly Island, Delaware, and the shoreline at Broadkill Beach, Delaware. According to the Corps, dredged material has been used in a variety of beneficial projects over the years, including environmental restoration, landscaping, and airport runway fill material. Often, the material must be drained and dried for several months before it can be used in these ways. Figure 1 shows the area to be dredged, the nine federal disposal sites, the two Delaware restoration locations, and other features discussed in this report."

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