HSx Core Compentency: Entrepreneurship - Step 09 - Identify Your Next Ten Customers   [open pdf - 287KB]

This presentation and resource list is from "Entrepreneurial Process - Step 09 - Identify Your Next Ten Customers," a module in the HSx Core Competency Course on Entrepreneurship."Identifying and interviewing your Next Ten Customers now ensures that your Persona description and other assumptions hold true for an array of customers. If you have completed this step properly, and made modifications to the other steps from what you learned here, you should have great confidence moving forward to build the plan for your new venture. While it is important to identify and develop a Persona to represent your end users, you must also be sure to identify other potential customers to ensure your product's success. This will drastically increase your confidence that you have identified a scalable opportunity, not just a one customer solution, as well as your credibility.' Why is this step necessary? 'If you are successful in this step you can be significantly more confident that your business has a high probability of success and you will be able to convince others, such as future partners, employees, customer's advisors and investors. If you run into issues in this step, you will be able to go back, determine where the flaws in your plans are, and improve them before going forward. By listing and interviewing ten potential customers, you are directly testing every hypothesis you have built over the past eight steps. Your Primary Market Research has been designed so that you continually stay in aligned with your customer's needs; but this is your first 'systems test' where you are presenting the customer with everything you have worked on so far." Advanced Thinking in Homeland Security (HSx) is an 18-month collaborative program from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security. Additional information about the HSx program can be found at the following link: [https://www.chds.us/hsx/].

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