HSx Core Compentency: Entrepreneurship - Step 10 - Define Your Core   [open pdf - 277KB]

This presentation and resource list is from 'Entrepreneurial Process - Step 10 - Define Your Core,' a module in the HSx Core Competency Course on Entrepreneurship.' "The Core is something that allows you to deliver the benefits your customers value with much greater effectiveness than any other competitor. Your are looking for the single thing that will make it very difficult for the next company that does what you do.' Why is this step necessary? 'The Core provides a certain level of protection, ensuring you don't go through the hard work to create a new market or product category only to have someone else come in and reap the rewards with a similar business of their own. What is it that product does that your competitors can't duplicate, or can't duplicate easily? That is your Core.' How do we Define Our Core? 'The Core is more inward-looking and less research based than the others. You will rely on this internal introspection, combined with external data gathering and analysis. While the process may seem broad and general at first, your end definition of your core should be concentrated and specific." Advanced Thinking in Homeland Security (HSx) is an 18-month collaborative program from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security. Additional information about the HSx program can be found at the following link: [https://www.chds.us/hsx/].

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