HSx Core Compentency: Entrepreneurship - Step 12 - Determining the Customers Decision Making Unit   [open pdf - 292KB]

This presentation and resource list is from "Entrepreneurial Process - Step 12 - Determining the Customers Decision Making Unit," a module in the HSx Core Competency Course on Entrepreneurship." Having determined how you create value for the customer, you must now look at how the customer acquires the product. To successfully sell the product to the customer, you will need to understand who makes the ultimate decision to purchase, as well as who influences that decision. The Champion and Primary Economic Buyer are most important; but those holding veto power, as well as Primary Influencers, cannot be ignored. B2B situations are easier to map out, but the process is still important in a customer situation; large consumer goods companies like Procter and Gamble have been doing this process for years." Advanced Thinking in Homeland Security (HSx) is an 18-month collaborative program from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security. Additional information about the HSx program can be found at the following link: [https://www.chds.us/hsx/].

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