HSx Core Compentency: Entrepreneurship - Step 16 - Set Your Pricing Framework   [open pdf - 251KB]

This presentation and resource list is from "Entrepreneurial Process - Step 16 - Set Your Pricing Framework," a module in the HSx Core Competency Course on Entrepreneurship. "With a business model in hand, you can now make a good first estimate on your pricing framework, understanding that it will likely change as you continue through the 24 steps. This step is the beginning of a pricing process, because you will likely end up with multiple price points and pricing strategies, and you will iterate as you experiment and get feedback from the market about price points. Your goal for the moment is to create a first pass strategy that will allow you to calculate the Life Time Value of an Acquired Customer, along with the cost of Customer Acquisition - an important variable that indicates the profitability of your business." Advanced Thinking in Homeland Security (HSx) is an 18-month collaborative program from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security. Additional information about the HSx program can be found at the following link: [https://www.chds.us/hsx/].

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