DNI Supplemental Study to the Fiscal Year 2017 Fundamental Classification Guidance Review   [open pdf - 992KB]

"This Supplemental Study provides the results of a request [..] to consider ways of reducing classification activities as part of the 2017 Fundamental Classification Guide Review (FCGR). As background, Executive Order 13526, 'Classified National Security Information (2010)', requires all agency heads to complete a comprehensive review of their classification guides to ensure that the guidance is timely and relevant and that classified information that no longer requires protection is appropriately declassified. Every five years, the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) directs each agency to conduct a FCGR to determine if their guidance meets the standards established by Executive Order 13526. [..] Prior to the issuance of this ISOO Memorandum, representatives from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and ISOO had reviewed ways to reduce classification activities and discussed whether the DNI's success in this area could be replicated within other agencies. As a result and in furtherance of these discussions, the DNI issued a Memorandum on March 23, 2016, that requested the above-referenced agencies, as part of their FCGR, to provide substantive comment on the feasibility of four specific initiatives: I. Reducing the number of Original Classification Authorities (OCA); II. Increasing discretionary declassification decisions; III. Eliminating CONFIDENTIAL from internal agency classification guides; and IV. Creating an IC-wide classification guide This report summarizes the input received from the six participating agencies."

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