Foreign Money and U.S. Campaign Finance Policy [August 03, 2017]   [open pdf - 263KB]

From the Document: "Federal campaign finance law and regulation prohibits foreign money in U.S. elections. The public record reveals little evidence that foreign money has intruded into U.S. campaigns systematically or decisively. The possibility of prohibited funds surreptitiously affecting campaigns in the United States nonetheless remains a policy concern. Some policymakers argue that existing disclosure requirements and the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court ruling increase the risk for untraceable foreign funds to affect U.S. campaigns. Others counter that existing prohibitions clearly bar foreign funds and that hypothetical concerns are exaggerated, and that proposed restrictions on corporate spending could target particular companies or types of speech, or both. For additional detail, see Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report R41542, The State of Campaign Finance Policy: Recent Developments and Issues for Congress, by R. Sam Garrett; CRS Report R43719, Campaign Finance: Constitutionality of Limits on Contributions and Expenditures, by L. Paige Whitaker; and CRS Legal Sidebar WSLG909, Campaign Finance Law: What is a 'Coordinated Communication' versus an 'Independent Expenditure'?, by L. Paige Whitaker."

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CRS In Focus, IF10697
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