National Dispatch Standard Operating Guide for Contracted Resources: A Guide for Dispatchers & Incident Support Personnel   [open pdf - 79KB]

"The intent of this guide is to provide standard operating guidelines to dispatchers and incident support personnel in the mobilization & demobilization of contracted resources. This guide is intended to supplement the National Interagency Mobilization Guide (NFES 2092), as well as geographic area & local mobilization guides. This guide has been developed in accordance with federal agency(s) guidelines for contracted resources, and established business practices as outlined in the National Interagency Mobilization Guide, the Interagency Incident Business Management Handbook (IIBMH), the Resource Ordering and Status System (ROSS) Users Guide, and the Interagency Standards ROSS Operations (ISROG) Guide, and in accordance with the Forest Service Acquisition Regulations (FSAR) on Incident Blanket Purchase Agreements. The guidelines established in this document do not preclude the Government at any time from mobilizing agency owned or agency (Federal, state, or local) cooperator resources prior to mobilizing contracted resources for incident support. This guide will be updated annually and approved by the Washington Office (WO) Fire and Aviation Management (FAM) staff or designee(s)."

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