Guide to Developing a Local Framework to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism and Promote Community Resilience   [open pdf - 62KB]

"Communities face many safety and security challenges, including deteriorating transportation infrastructure, gang violence, and even increased vulnerability to natural disasters. Unfortunately, efforts by violent extremists to recruit and radicalize individuals to commit acts of violence have also become a challenge for American communities. Violent extremist threats stem from members, supporters, and individuals inspired by various foreign terrorist organizations, and individuals who commit violence based on an array of domestic extremist ideologies. In the face of these threats, governments and communities have come together to establish programs to prevent and counter violent extremism (CVE) and build resiliency. Like many safety and prevention efforts, initiatives addressing CVE recognize that local government and community stakeholders are often best situated to identify and implement solutions. This guidance is not a 'how-to' but merely introduces issues to consider as local partners contemplate developing a local framework for CVE."

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