Critical Infrastructure Protection: DHS Has Fully Implemented Its Chemical Security Expedited Approval Program, and Participation to Date Has Been Limited, Report to Congressional Committees   [open pdf - 318KB]

"Facilities that produce, use, or store hazardous chemicals could be of interest to terrorists intent on using them to inflict mass casualties in the United States. DHS established the CFATS [Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards] program to, among other things, identify and assess the security risk posed by chemical facilities. DHS places high-risk facilities into one of four risk-based tiers and inspects them to ensure compliance with DHS standards. The CFATS Act of 2014 created the Expedited Approval Program as an option for the two lower-risk tier facilities (tiers 3 and 4) to reduce the burden and expedite the processing of security plans. The act further required that DHS report on its evaluation of the expedited program to Congress. The CFATS Act of 2014 also included a provision for GAO [Government Accountability Office] to assess the expedited program. This report discusses (1) DHS's implementation of the expedited program and its report to Congress and (2) the number of facilities that have used the program and factors affecting participation in it. GAO reviewed laws and DHS guidance, analyzed DHS's report to Congress, and interviewed DHS officials. GAO also received input from officials with three industry groups that represented the most likely candidates to use the program, and officials representing eight of their member organizations. The results of this input are not generalizable, but provide insights about the expedited program. GAO is not making recommendations in this report."

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