Exploring Elder Financial Exploitation Victimization: Identifying Unique Risk Profiles and Factors to Enhance Detection, Prevention and Intervention   [open pdf - 3MB]

The purpose of this report is to "explore risk factors across the socioecological framework (i.e. individual, perpetrator and community-levels) to identify the most important factors that differentiate elder financial exploitation (FE) from other forms of abuse as well as pure FE from hybrid FE." According to the results and conclusion in the abstract, "financially-based variables are the best predictors of FE versus other forms of abuse, but apparent injury appears to be the most important indicator of other forms of abuse even in the presence of FE. [...] Different factors across the socioecological context are needed to reliably differentiate between elder FE and other forms of abuse as well as pure versus hybrid FE. These factors will also vary depending on the perspective one takes regarding the linearity of the interactions between the different factors. The findings provide support for the need to differentiate between types of abuse and subtypes of elder FE and the need for frontline workers and social service agencies and researchers to account for variables across the socioecological context when developing surveillance, intervention and prevention programs."

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