NSTAC Report to the President on Emerging Technologies Strategic Vision: Executive Summary   [open pdf - 336KB]

"The Government will face unprecedented growth and transformation in the technology ecosystem over the next decade. Multiple waves of innovation, involving both new and evolving technologies, will alter the fabric of the digital and physical environment, ultimately changing how we live and work. Greater interconnectivity and processing power, combined with analytics, cognition, and autonomy, will allow computers to make decisions across a range of domains. Developments in production and simulation will enable technology to proliferate, beyond current conceptions of 'devices,' and integrate physical and virtual environments. Methods of trust and verification will both increase real-time visibility across the ecosystem and be distributed. [...] How should the Government think about this unprecedented growth and transformation in the technology ecosystem, both in the near and longer term? What opportunities and risks should the Government assess in determining whether and how to invest in, prepare for, and deploy various emerging technologies? And how can the Government ensure that the impacts of these technology developments on the Government's existing national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) [national security/emergency preparedness]functions are both well understood and appropriately addressed? The purpose of this NSTAC [National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee] report is to provide helpful guidance on these and related questions."

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