Navy LX(R) Amphibious Ship Program: Background and Issues for Congress [May 31, 2017]   [open pdf - 851KB]

"The LX(R) program is a program to build a new class of amphibious ships for the Navy. LX(R)s are to replace 12 aging Whidbey Island/Harpers Ferry (LSD-41/49) class amphibious ships, the first of which will reach age 40 in 2025 [...] The Navy's proposed FY2018 budget requests no procurement or advance procurement (AP) funding for procuring LPD-17 class ships or LX(R)s. The Navy's proposed FY2018 budget requests $9.6 million in research and development funds for the LX(R) program. Issues for Congress for FY2018 regarding the LX(R) program and LPD-17 class ships include the following: [1] whether to approve, reject, or modify the Navy's FY2018 funding requests for the LX(R) program, including whether to provide funding intended to further accelerate the construction (if not the official procurement date) of the first LX(R); [2] whether the Navy intends to use the funding provided by Congress in FY2017 for the procurement of a 13th LPD-17 class ship to procure such a ship, or for some other purpose; [3] whether to provide funding for the procurement in FY2018 of a 14th LPD-17 class ship, so as to accelerate the attainment of the Navy's desired 38-ship amphibious force and further close the gap between the end of LPD-17 procurement and the start of LX(R) procurement; and [4] whether LX(R)s should be built to the Navy's currently planned LX(R) design, or to a more expensive and (in some ways) more capable design that is closer to that of the LPD-17 design. "

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