Protect Your Organization from the Inside Out: Government Best Practices   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Insider incidents account for billions of dollars annually in 'actual' and 'potential' lost revenue, according to CERT, a well-recognized source for insider threat data. Losses result from malicious actions such as thefts of trade secrets, deliberate destruction of computer systems, and damage to an organization's reputation once the loss is made public. It is a myth that only large visible global organizations, such as defense contractors, are targeted. The risk is steadily increasing and occurs regardless of size and location. Many organizations simply do not see themselves as vulnerable, but a life's work on a unique design or piece of software can be stolen and transferred out of the country in a few minutes. Disgruntled or former employees can slowly bleed data away for years or simply destroy the organization's systems. The impacts are devastating and spill over into communities in the form of lost jobs and opportunities. In some instances, entire industries and research efforts have been lost to overseas competitors who used those secrets to build rival firms. Sensitive national security programs are put at risk, as well, when components, parts, design plans, and specialized equipment are stolen."

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