Air & Space Power Journal (Vol. 31, Issue 2)   [open pdf - 2MB]

This is the Summer 2017 edition of the Air & Space Power Journal, featuring a variety of feature articles, opinion pieces, and Commentary. Features include: "Improving Resource Management in the Afghan Air Force" by Lt. Col. Jonathan D. Ritschel and Ms. Tamiko L. Ritschel; "The Coming Close Air Support Fly-Off: Lessons from AIMVAL-ACEVAL" by Lt. Col. Steven Fino, PHD, USAF; "Break the Paradigm: Prepare Airpower for Enemies' "Most Likely Course of Action" by H. Mark Clawson; and "Critical Thinking Skills in USAF Developmental Education" by Col. Adam J. Stone, USAF. Views include: "Toward a US Air Force Arctic Strategy" by Col. John L. Conway III, USAF, Retired; "The Last Prop Fighter: Sandys, Hobos, Fireflies, Zorros, and Spads" by Maj. Gen. Randy Jayne, USAF, Retired; "Data You Can Trust: Blockchain Technology" by Col. Vincent Alcazar, USAF, Retired; and "Defeating Small Civilian Unmanned Aerial Systems to Maintain Air Superiority" by Lt. Col. Thomas S. Palmer, USAF, Col Adam D. Reiman, USAF, Dr. Alan W. Johnson, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, and Dr. John P. Geis II, Colonel, USAF, Retired. Commentary include: "Social Media and the DOD: Benefits, Risks, and Mitigation" by Lt. Col. Dieter A. Waldvogel, USAF, PhD.

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